Discover the world through bedtime stories.


“When I became a father, I made sure that my children were also able to discover the world through bedtime stories.”


Love teaching your children a way to enjoy reading with you together.


Have fun showing your children a new world.

Discover the world

For me, the arts are a vital part of raising children and developing young minds.

We loved the book series and my family loves seeing them! They are educational and cater to my child's age group. I will keep buying as long as they are keep being made. They will be a treasured keepsakes that are read over and over again and passed down through the generations. Thank you!


"Little pitties is an adorable set of books. Full of color and really catchy to our eyes. Our little daughter lit up when she saw Seasea for the first time and the fact that Seasea talks to her directly makes the story very inclusive. All the books have a great lesson about self love and create friendship with the children. Thanks Rich & Co FL for these really great stories."


I love this book, it was a fun read to my kids. We love SeaSea The Dolphin.